Electric Guitar Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Wanted to Know

Today we’re going to answer all of these questions, discussing electric guitars in general and everything related to them. Our article will be useful for the beginners as well as for those who are already playing. So, where would we start? Of course, with a budget. Everyone knows that an electric guitar is an expensive Read More

How to Choose a Qualitative Guitar

There are a lot of approaches and nuances you should know about when it comes to choosing your first musical instrument, especially a guitar. Today, we’re going to talk about how to choose the acoustic and the electric instruments, which will suit almost every player, providing some great ideas and examples. So, what options do Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Acoustic Treatment for a Studio

What do you need to create an acoustic studio at home? Can you adapt any kind of a room to musical performance? And what acoustic treatment is specifically needed for this kind of performance? Music studio layout is a very interesting thing, which has its own basic rules when it comes to creating one in Read More

All About Drums: Selection, Style, and Price

A drum kit is an extremely complex equipment, which consists of multiple components and instruments, a range of colours, and multiple different volumes. Despite this fact, the drum set is one instrument, which can’t exist without any of its parts. If you take away one piece of a kit, the whole instrument will sound completely Read More

Everything You Should Know About Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar amplifiers are as essential for a player as a guitar itself. You can’t play electric guitar without having even the worst or the cheapest amplifier piece. You need it simply for hearing what you’re actually playing on a guitar. This is totally crucial for your making a proper sound. When it comes to purchasing Read More